Mo Shariff, Suzanne Campbell, David Byres, Jennifer Gibson and Martha MacKay celebrate new partnership
UBC Nursing, St Paul's embark on landmark partnership to promote cardiovascular health

Landmark Partnership to Promote Cardiovascular Health

25 Feb 2016

UBC Nursing and St. Paul’s Hospital announced today the formation of a landmark partnership that will improve cardiovascular nursing care at the hospital and across Canada. The new UBC and St. Paul’s Hospital Professorship in Cardiovascular Nursing will undertake leading research to inform best practices around cardiovascular nursing, and translate these evidence-based practices to nursing education at both the undergraduate and graduate levels at UBC.

Speaking on behalf of Providence Health, David Byres (BSN 1997, MSN 2006), Executive Vice President for Clinical Integration and Renewal, noted that this was the first partnership of its kind between St. Paul’s Hospital and UBC Nursing and commended the partnership for breaking down traditional silos and bringing universities and hospitals closer together for the betterment of patient health.

The Professorship was born out of clinical research that clearly demonstrates the causal effect between nursing care and improved patient adherence to treatment and health outcomes. Clinical nurse specialists, in particular, who are trained in cardiovascular care, elevate quality of care and work with families towards holistically better health and in so doing, reduce health care costs for our communities.

Dr. Suzanne Campbell, Director, spoke on behalf of the School of Nursing, stating “This Professorship will not only improve the lives of patients at St. Paul’s, but its impact will extend far beyond the hospital to the many places where our graduates will undertake their nursing practice – to medical clinics and offices and hospitals and community health centres across BC and Canada. In this way, the excellent work of this professorship and the cardiac teams at St. Paul’s will be magnified to the benefit of all Canadians.”

The School of Nursing and St. Paul’s are together raising $1,000,000 to support the work of the Professorship, and are aiming to have the funds raised in 2016 so that the Professorship holder can start work early in 2017.

If you are interested in learning more about the Professorship, please click the "Learn More" button or contact Darya Sawycky at 604-827-0081 or by email.

PHOTO: Mr. Mo Shariff, St. Paul’s patient; Dr. Suzanne Campbell, Director, School of Nursing; Mr. David Byres (BSN 1997, MSN 2006), Executive Vice President for Clinical Integration and Renewal, Providence Health Care; Ms. Jennifer Gibson, (MSN 2011), current PhD student with Dr. Paddy Rodney and nurse educator at Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at St. Paul’s; and Dr. Martha MacKay, (BSN 1986, MSN 1997, PhD 2010), Clinical Assistant Professor at UBC and Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) in Cardiology at St. Paul’s Hospital’s Heart Centre

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