Sessional Clinical Associate

Application Closing Date: Ongoing
Expected Start Date: Various terms during the academic year

The UBC School of Nursing is currently inviting applications for clinical associates to teach clinical nursing courses offered in the BSN Program.  The clinical courses will take place in the practice setting, from teaching hospitals to community organizations.  We accept applications year-round for the courses offered in our BSN program (listed below), and we will only contact the applicants who have the clinical experience that we are looking for during the specified recruitment periods. We do keep your application on file and may contact you for future opportunities. Please note the recruitment period is an estimate, as we anticipate future changes with the implementation of our renewed curriculum.


  • To assist with the planning, implementation and evaluation of the clinical component of Nursing Undergraduate Program
  • To educate students in a participatory, interactive and inclusive environment to develop competency and capacity for critical judgment, decision-making and mastery of entry level competencies within the broader context of comprehensive patient/client care.
  • Collaborates with, works closely with and reports to the Course Lead and the Associate Director, Undergraduate Programs as required.
  • Actively participates in the teaching of nursing competencies in the clinical practice skills labs (simulation, or otherwise)
  • Clinical supervision of a group of students in a hospital or community health setting.
  • Assigns students to provide direct care to patient/client
  • Assesses students' initial skills level and identifies the need for teaching of new skills
  • Monitors and evaluates students' skills performance to ensure that accepted professional practice standards are maintained.
  • Directs supervision and teaching of skills as appropriate to direct patient care in the clinical setting
  • Attends orientation sessions, such as Clinical Associate General Orientation and Site Orientation at clinical sites, as necessary
  • Assists Course Lead with the theoretical component of clinical coursework, such as grading required papers or delivering lecture(s)
  • Participates in team activities relative to planning, implementing and evaluating the clinical component of the undergraduate program
  • Attends team meetings, as required
  • Works independently and interdependently in clinical settings
  • Performs other related duties as required.


  • Undergraduate degree in Nursing & Registered Nurse with CRNBC; Masters Preferred
  • At least two years of experience in a clinical practice.
  • Strong clinical background in Adult Acute/Critical Care, Maternal/Child, Pediatrics, Mental Health, Gerontology, or Community/Population Health.
  • Teaching experience and/or a keen interest in teaching
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills.
  • Good standing as a member of CRNBC


TERM 1 (September)
Introductory Adult/Older Adult
Hiring Period: June – Aug
Hiring For: Medical/Surgical (subacute)

TERM 2 (January)
Introductory Maternal/Child & Paediatrics (concurrent)
Hiring Period: Oct – Dec
Hiring For: Maternal/Child & Paediatrics

TERM 3 (May)
Advanced Adult/Older Adult
Hiring Period: Feb – Apr
Hiring For: Medical & Surgical (acute care)

TERM 4 (September)
Primary Health Care & Mental Health Care (concurrent)
Hiring Period: June – Aug
Hiring For: Community Health & Mental Health

TERM 5 (January)
Consolidated Practice (otherwise known as Preceptorship)
Not Applicable for Clinical Instruction.


Please send your resume with cover letter to with title "Application for Clinical Associate"

UBC School of Nursing
T201 - 2211 Wesbrook Mall
Vancouver, B.C. V6T 2B5

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