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Twins, Triplets and More

Twins, Triplets and More

Linda G. Leonard, RN, MSN

A Resource Guide for Multiple Pregnancy and Parenthood

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MAiD Resources from Virtual Hospice

Available at, find printable infographics, booklets, articles and more than 230 videos featuring people considering MAiD, families, and MAiD practitioners.


The History of Nursing at UBC

A timeline and stories about our Amazing Alumni can be discovered here

Thank you to "Charlie" - a nursing history fan - who provided this link about nursing history from a continuing education site in the US. History of Nursing Education

Religious Aspects of Nursing

The Religious Aspects of Nursing Care

J. Kirstine Griffith, BASc, MA

A resource identifying some of the traditional practices of 37 of the religions listed by Canadians in the 1991 census. It is designed to help nursing staff of health care facilities to care for patients with unfamiliar religious practices.

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The Role of Prostate Cancer Support Groups in Health Promotion

The Role of Prostate Cancer Support Groups in Health Promotion

An Executive Summary from 2009

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It's Not What You Think

It's Not What You Think:Sexually Exploited Youth in British Columbia

Elizabeth M. Saewyc, Laura J. MacKay, Jayson Anderson, Christopher Drozda - 2008

The research in this report shatters some of the myths about sexual exploitation among youth in BC: what it is, and who is experiencing it.

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The UBC Model for Nursing

The UBC Model for Nursing is a conceptual framework guiding nursing practice decision making developed by a team of faculty members under the leadership of Dr. Margaret Campbell in the early 1970s. See more on the Model for Nursing webpage.

An Interpretive Version of the UBC Model for Nursing