Mentorship program

The School of Nursing Mentorship program assists senior undergraduate nursing students to transition between their final practicum and working as independent clinicians. UBC School of Nursing alumni provide support and encouragement to new nurse graduates as they develop professional skills and expand their network. They share experiences and knowledge within a wide range of nursing contexts—from community to acute care, general practice to specialized settings, and across geographic regions. The program provides opportunities for face-to-face mentoring, online discussion and/or teleconference meetings between student mentees and alumni mentors, bridging the transition toward and beyond graduation.

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Enhance career and professional development by pairing senior undergraduate nursing students with UBC Nursing alumni to share experiences, explore and define career paths and expand professional networks.


  • Support senior students as they transition from their final practicum to working as an independent clinician
  • Connect students with UBC Nursing alumni
  • Engage alumni in current curriculum and events within the School of Nursing
  • Provide senior undergraduate students with the opportunity to develop interpersonal, professional, leadership, communication and career building skills through one on one interactions with a professional working in their field of interest.


Testimonial from a 2018 Grad:

"Having a mentor during the transition period between nursing school and practicing on my own has been invaluable. Kris has been an advocate and support person as well as an incredible source of knowledge. In addition to the invitation to have candid conversation with someone so well versed in nursing and the healthcare system, Kris has also helped me put my best foot forward in the short and long term. For instance, she volunteered to be a personal reference for my pediatric nursing applications. Every time I apply to a position I see her name at the bottom of the online application and it reminds me that there’s someone on the inside rooting for me. Kris is encouraging me to be a leader. She is introducing me to events such as the Governor General’s Canadian Leadership Conference and keeps the invite open to attend mentorship meetings at the Canadian College of Health Leaders. She has even planted seeds of interest in positions with government appointed boards and has shown me where to find the openings online to keep on the backburner for the future. Kris is setting me up to be successful in the long term by forwarding bursary and award information. Also, she has provided practical advice for planning early for my pension and how to navigate the complex financial side of starting a new career. Kris is clearly a wonderful influence in my life. As much as I would like this to be a raving review of her personally, I really would like to highlight how impactful the mentorship program is. I am one of the lucky ones who have received this support and I think that students in all nursing fields would benefit from this experience. Every student needs a Kris."

Sarah (BSN 2018)

Benefits for Student Mentees

  • Make connections with UBC Nursing Alumni Learn about different professional work experiences
  • Develop professional career goals to assist in planning your future
  • Explore the diverse range of career options available for graduates
  • Build and strengthen your professional network

Benefits for Alumni Mentors

  • Share your stories and experiences with student mentees
  • Develop and maintain connections with the UBC School of Nursing
  • Contribute to future nursing professionals by supporting the next generation of nursing graduates
  • Refine your leadership and mentoring skills

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