Teaching strategies to support a contextual approach to student learning

CRiHHI & Tranformation Team

Date: 25 Apr 2017

Presented by: Dr. Colleen Varcoe & Dr. Helen Brown

Room: T206, 3rd Floor UBC School of Nursing

Time: 4-5pm

In this session, we will discuss how a contextual approach to nursing, health and health care can foster health and well-being for clients and promote optimal relationships (among nurses, clients and families and among staff), systems and structures within which nurses provide care. Through analysis of specific and common nursing practice scenarios drawn from our undergraduate students’ coursework, we will highlight teaching strategies to facilitate student learning at all levels of care – intrapersonal, interpersonal and contextual.

Joint CRIHHI faculty professional development session related to the Transformation.

Open to current faculty, clinical faculty & Nursing graduate students.