Why Mentorship is Good for Your Health and Ideas for How to Get There

2017 John McNeill Excellence in Health Research Mentorship Award

Date: 18 Apr 2018

Presented by: Keynote Lecture - Dr. Colleen Varcoe

Room: Robert Sindelar Seminar Room 3340, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, UBC, 2405 Wesbrook Mall

Time: 12-1pm

Attracting high calibre trainees and colleagues to deepen and extend your research is critical to success as an academic, yet recruiting cannot become a mercenary, self-serving endeavor. My program of research in ameliorating the risks and health effects of violence, including cultural safety, harm reduction, and trauma- and violence-informed care, is not a “sexy” area which attracts many students and scholars.

The John McNeill Excellence in Health Research Mentorship Award prompted me to systematically analyze what has worked, and what I might have done differently to amplify my success and wellbeing earlier. In this talk, I will share my strategies to engage and propel highly qualified, productive, competitive postdoctoral fellows, doctoral students and colleagues.

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