The best way to predict the future is to [co-]create it: Nursing in the not too distant future


Date: 14 Nov 2019

Presented by: Richard Booth, PhD, School of Nursing, Western University

Room: UBC Robson Square - Theatre (C.300)

Dr. Richard Booth, Associate Professor
Arthur Labatt Family School of Nursing, Western University

Time: 7-8:30pm


This presentation will explore the various direct and indirect implications of emerging technology in society. With the increasing use of technology in all areas of healthcare, and the rise of artificial intelligence, automation, and robotics, the nursing profession needs to better prepare itself for immersion into digital health ecosystems of the future. Whether desired or not, nursing practices will both impact and be impacted by these digital innovations. Subsequently, the profession must be prepared to actively engage in the discourse related to how these forms of technology should be adopted and embedded into the nursing role.


BIO: Dr. Richard Booth is an Associate Professor in the School of Nursing at Western Ontario. His program of research seeks to explore the relationships between human and technological interactions within healthcare and educational contexts. To do this, his research program consists of two main areas of concentration (i.e., streams). The first area of concentration is: (1) technological teaching-learning innovation for nursing education. This area of focus is dedicated to exploring how students and nurses learn, use, and repurpose health technology used in, and for, practice. The second area of concentration is: (2) digitally-enabled healthcare and nursing. As a timely and important area of research, current trends in the development of communication technology, artificial intelligence, automation/augmentation, and big data science have been examined and leveraged to generate future-forward ideas to support the health and wellbeing of people in an interconnected, rapidly changing technological landscape.

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