DIY Filmmaking: Challenging the Invisibility of Nurses in the Media

Research Toolbox Series

Date: 07 Apr 2020

Presented by: Natania Abebe, RN, and MSN/MPH student at the University of British Columbia


POSTPONED until further notice

Nurses account for the largest segment of the health care workforce, yet are underrepresented in health care leadership. One of the contributing reasons for this is the lack of nursing visibility in the media. Without a strong voice through both news and popular culture representations (eg. television shows), the nursing profession's contributions will continue to be under appreciated by the public, which effects health care policy and delivery. Natania will talk about her experiences learning how to make film on her own, and share her tips and tricks to get you started in creating your own content!

BIO: Natania Abebe, RN, is an MSN/MPH student at the University of British Columbia. She graduated from her bachelor’s in nursing from the University of Ottawa in 2017 and has worked primarily in psychiatry and public health. As a young nurse, Natania realized how the absence of nursing engagement in the media has shaped how people think about nurses and more importantly about their health. After graduating, Natania started to pursue filmmaking as a way to engage the public about nurses and health care issues. She’s been recognized for her film, Just a Nurse, which screened at LucasFilm Studios and was a Youth Media Lab Editor for the Representation Project. Natania believes that the power of film can shape policy as well as the profession of nursing.