Crafting a 5-Year Plan

Research Toolbox Series

Date: 09 Nov 2022

Presented by: Dr. Vicky Bungay, Professor, CRC Tier II: Gender, Equity and Community Engagement

Room: Online [RESCHEDULED]

Time: 12-1pm


Ever wonder how to position your scholarly work for funding and colleagues? In this session, Dr. Bungay will engage with participants to explore strategies for designing a 5-year research plan including:

  • How to articulate your program of research
  • How to strategize for funding
  • How to build a professional network of collaborators and partners

BIO: Dr. Vicky Bungay’s research focuses on addressing inequities that negatively affect people’s health and well-being including the devastating effects of stigma, discrimination, and violence. She explores how research partnerships can positively impact communities that are excluded in health and social policy; programming that affects their lives; and how community-based interventions support real world evidence.