Pharmacology and Therapeutics in Primary Care (3)

  • MN-NP

NURS 507

This course will examine the clinical application of drug therapy with an emphasis on the drugs commonly used in primary care settings. Mechanisms of drug actions will be reviewed with the goal of understanding therapeutic and adverse effects, drug interactions and relevant considerations for illness management and patient education. Emphasis will be on clinical decision-making and on applying evidence-based information to case studies that span a variety of age groups and clinical conditions. Legal and ethical considerations of prescriptive authority and practices will also be examined.


  • Describe the major pharmacological indications an differences for specific categories of drugs
  • Compare and contrast drugs within a given category
  • Discuss the components of clinically important drug interactions in terms of absorption, metabolism, and pharmacodynamics
  • Identify significant adverse drug interactions and the appropriate interventions
  • Develop a framework to evaluate and integrate current research findings into therapeutic decision-making
  • Using clinical case studies, demonstrate the application of principles of decision-making to identify, analyze and provide a rationale for appropriate therapies
  • Determine correct dosages, dosage form, route and frequency of administration of medications based on relevant individual characteristics including gender, age and illness
  • List strategies for monitoring and managing therapeutic and non-therapeutic effects of drugs across the life span
  • Identify essential client education issues regarding expected effects, potential adverse effects, symptom management, proper administration and costs of medications
  • Describe how to involve the client in the decision-making process concerning therapeutic intervention, including self-treatment for acute and chronic illnesses
  • Using clinical case studies, identify factors contributing to polypharmacy and the associated implications for primary care management of health and illness conditions
  • Demonstrate knowledge of current legislative and ethical issues surrounding prescriptive practice for nurse practitioners working in Canada

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