Leadership in Nursing and Health (3)

  • MSN
  • PhD

NURS 512

This course is designed to introduce students' to contemporary leadership theories and practices in the context of complex, constantly changing health care environments. Key leadership competencies will be highlighted throughout the course. It is intended that the course will enhance students' leadership potential and prepare them as an emerging leader in various practice environments.


  • Explore an array of leadership theories and concepts
  • Critically evaluate the applicability of selected theories and concepts to nursing leadership
  • Examine the individual, interpersonal, historical, and structural contexts in which nursing leadership is enacted
  • Identify and discuss factors within the preceding contexts that influence leadership
  • Examine current evidence-informed competencies for effective nursing leadership at all levels of practice (e.g., front-line care provider, middle-level nurse leadership, executive nurse leadership)
  • Examine the contextual resources and constraints for effective nursing leadership at all levels of practice
  • Explore the current challenges facing nurse leaders at levels of leadership practice (e.g., bullying, changing scope of practice, RN/LPN teamwork)
  • Further develop effective strategies and competencies to address challenges facing nursing leaders at all levels of leadership practice (e.g., conflict management, coaching and mentoring, empowering leadership)
  • Develop leadership skills in a group setting
  • Demonstrate insight into own strengths and areas for development as a team member and as a nurse leader within the context of their scope of practice and roles and responsibilities within their current clinical setting

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