Clinical Nursing Education (3)

  • MSN
  • PhD

NURS 541

The course is designed to provide a theoretical foundation for graduate students to develop, or to enhance their knowledge and skills as clinical educators of nursing staff or students. The purpose of this course is to give students an opportunity to learn and reflect upon the scope of clinical educator role. In addition, it will provide students an opportunity to explore their future plans in relation to their professional development as clinical educators. This course explores strategies that can be used to foster a learning community, critical thinking, reflection, active learning, learner confidence, and development of teaching skills. To this end, issues such as teacher-student-staff-client relationships, diversity among learners, ethics, and the development of professional values are explored. Participants in this course are expected to explore the theoretical and research literature and apply this body of knowledge to their particular areas of interest in clinical teaching.


  • Understand theories  and  models  of  learning and  teaching  as they apply to  clinical nursing education
  • Appreciate the complexity of the learner-educator relationship in the clinical setting
  • Use a variety of teaching strategies to enhance learning in the clinical setting
  • Examine methods of assessment and evaluation in clinical nursing education
  • Explore selected issues embedded in clinical nursing education
  • Critique evidence-based literature that has relevance for clinical nursing education

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