Primary Care II (6)

  • MN-NP

NURS 571

The focus of this course is on the primary care management of common acute chronic conditions across the life span. Health promotion and illness/injury prevention strategies are integrated throughout. Didactic and clinically based learning occurs in the classroom and clinical settings.


  • Identify patient and family needs across the life span including physiological and psychosocial needs and cultural safety.
  • Continue to develop a knowledge base regarding common and predictable conditions seen in primary care.
  • Based on knowledge of human development and pathophysiology, analyze, with some assistance, stable chronic health and illness conditions affecting the health of individuals and families across the life span.
    • Obtain an appropriate history from patients with uncomplicated conditions.
    • Perform appropriate complete and focused physical examinations relevant to the patient’s chief complaint.
    • Interpret findings from the physical exam with some help from Preceptor.
    • Create an appropriate list of possible differential diagnoses.
    • Select the most likely diagnoses.
    • Order, with some Preceptor guidance, appropriate diagnostic tests for each clinical problem.
    • For each clinical problem, develop a plan of action that includes patient education, health maintenance, health promotion and follow-up care.
  • Continue to develop strategies for collaboration and consultation with patients, families, preceptor and members of the health care team in planning the delivery of primary care.
  • Demonstrate responsibility and accountability for own actions:
    • Chart appropriately using problem oriented charting.
    • Maintain logs.
    • Present patient data to Faculty and Preceptor in a logical and accurate manner.
    • Demonstrate professional behavior at all times.
    • Evaluate care provided in a systematic fashion.
    • Provide comprehensive care including referral and consultation with some assistance from Preceptor.
    • Identify own learning needs and take action to meet them
  • Begin to incorporate research findings appropriately.

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