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Q: Who can I speak to if I have questions about study and work permits as an international student?
Q: Where can I find a Gender-Inclusive Washroom?

There are two gender-inclusive single-stall washrooms located in the UBC Hospital-Koerner Pavillion.

  • First one is located on the 3rd Floor - Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy Room# T328
  • Second one is located on the main floor near the hospital reception area Room# M104.

*More locations on campus

For more information please visit the UBC Student Services website.

Q: What are the payment options for tuition?

To view fees and make payments can be done through your Student Service Centre (SSC) account.

Fees and tuition can be paid with Interac Online, Online Banking and by Cheque. For more information and video tutorials on tuition payments, please visit:

Q: What is CWL & how do I create one?

Please go to the CWL Signup to create an account.

CWL Sign Up allows you to create a unique login name and password. You will be required to provide certain information to confirm your identity and create a CWL account. Once your CWL account is created, you will have access to applications that use CWL for authentication, such as the Student Service Centre, Canvas, and Blackboard Vista.


If you have trouble with your Campus Wide Login account,

Problems With Your CWL?

Q: How and when do I register for classes?

For information on course schedules, registration dates, registration deposits and registration video tutorials please visit:

If you have questions about the registration process or your student account, contact your Enrolment Services Advisor (ESA). ESAs are available to help all UBC students.

Q: What is an ESA and how can they help me?

Enrolment Services Advisors (ESA) are here to provide personalized support throughout your time at UBC. If you have questions about the registration process or your student account, contact your Enrolment Services Advisor. ESAs are available to help all UBC students.

All undergraduate students in a degree program at UBC's Vancouver campus have their own dedicated Enrolment Services Advisor. Your ESA can help you over the phone, by email, or you can make an appointment to meet with your ESA in person at a time that's convenient for you. 

Your ESA will be your go-to person for help with anything from your tuition payment to your application to graduate:

  • Tuition and fee collection and inquiries
  • Financial assistance and planning
  • Registration help
  • Support for U-Pass, your medical/dental plan and opting out
  • Requests for transcripts, etc.
  • Referrals to the right student services and resources across campus

Find your ESA's contact information on the Student Service Centre (SSC) under Personal Info > UBC Contacts.

Q: How can I obtain a Proof of Enrolment Letter or a Program Completion Letter?

Print your own from the Grades & Records tab of your SSC account – you can even create a letter for previous years and sessions.

  1. Step one: Log on to the Student Service Centre (SSC) using your Campus-Wide Login (CWL).
  2. Step two: Select Grades & Records > Proof of Enrolment Letter
  3. Step three: Select the Academic Session and download the letter.

Check with the intended recipient to find out if the letter needs to bare the UBC seal – if so, contact your Enrolment Services Advisor (ESA) or visit  the Information Centre in Brock Hall.

If you require a program verification letter when applying to scholarship or award opportunity please review this FAQ on requesting verification letters. 


Q: What is the BCCNM?

The British Columbia College of Nurses and Midwives (BCCNM) is B.C.'s nursing regulatory college. As of Sept. 4, 2018 — CLPNBC, CRNBC and CRPNBC joined together to become BCCNM. There are Standards of Practice for each designation of nursing: LPN, NP, RN and RPN. These standards assist nurses to provide safe, competent and ethical care by setting the requirements for practice.​

In 2005 the College of Registered Nurses of BC (CRNBC) was formed. Prior to that nursing in BC had been regulated through the Registered Nurses Association of BC (RNABC), which was replaced by the CRNBC. Under provincial legislation (the Health Professions Act), it is the duty of College of Registered Nurses of BC (CRNBC) to protect the public through the regulation of registered nurses, nurse practitioners and licensed graduate nurses.

Q: How do I change my personal information?

It is your responsibility to maintain up-to-date contact information so that the University can contact you with important information and updates. There are several ways to change contact information such email postal addresses, and name changes at the University.

Q: Where can I find breastfeeding friendly spaces?

The School of Nursing has it's own breastfeeding friendly space.

Koerner Pavillion-UBC Hospital (Private)
Rm T234-2211 Wesbrook Mall, V6T1Z3-Third floor, down the hall from the main office of the School of Nursing (view map)

Availability and Restrictions:
The room is available Monday-Friday,  8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
A change table is not available at this space. It has been installed in the nearby women’s washroom.
No key is required for this room, however an occupied sign on the door indicates that it is currently in use and unavailable.

To locate more breastfeeding friendly spaces on campus. 

Q: What is STS?

To monitor your progress and requests specific to your graduate program, the School of Nursing devised a secure, online database called the Student Tracking Service (STS)

STS is a UBC database that allows you and your supervisor(s) to keep track of your student progress and to ensure your successful completion of the program. To log on to STS, please use your Campus Wide Login (CWL). Students experiencing problems with STS should contact the Student Support Office at

Q: What is the Practice e-Portfolio (PeP)?

The Practice e-Portfolio (PEP) is a tool for students to record and manage their experiences in the clinical setting. It is also a tool for instructors to track progression of their students in the clinical setting.  

Q: How do I keep my PeP (Practice e-Portfolio) records after I graduate?

Students can login to PeP, go to Reports section and select ‘Export Complete Portfolio’ to download their records.  Note: student access to PeP is revoked after graduation. In most cases it is encouraged that students export their own records before their access is revoked.

Q: What can I do to prepare before I start at the School of Nursing/UBC as a graduate student?

The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies has a Checklist for New Graduate Students that can assist you.

Q: How do I order Official Transcripts?

Students must order their transcripts themselves (the School of Nursing is not permitted to order them on your behalf). 

Order UBC Official Transcripts from Enrolment Services

Note for Graduate Students Applying for Funding Competitions:

If you are a graduate student applying for awards & funding competitions, you will need transcripts to show your current registration & courses in progress.

Here's what to do to obtain a copy of what your program has on file for you:

  1. Check the competition application details to verify if the competition accepts "PDFs of Official Transcripts," PDFs of "UBC Academic History" or "Official UBC Transcripts."
  2. Student Services can assist you in obtaining PDF copies of your "UBC Academic History" and PDF copies of transcripts you submitted with your application to graduate school at the School of Nursing.
  3. To request a copy of the UBC Grad & PostDoc Studies (G+PS) verified transcripts you submitted into e-vision at the start of your program, please email
  4. We will retrieve the copies we have on file, and supplement a copy of your Academic History from the UBC Student Information System to show your current enrolment & courses in progress, then email you the package as PDF.
  5. If the competition requires that you order official transcripts, you'll be required to do that online as per this link from above.

Please Note: If you need other letters to verify your enrolment (such as when you apply for RNFBC or CNF Scholarships, please see this FAQ on Proof of Enrolment or this FAQ on RNFBC Applications)

Q: What is the process for transfer credit between graduate departments at UBC?
Q: Can I get credit for courses completed at another university during my studies?

Yes, if approved.  Many schools in Western Canada are part of the Western Dean's Agreement which allows graduate students of the member institutions to take courses at another member institution without having to pay the host university's tuition fees.  

Read about the Western Dean's Agreement process

To start the program extension request, log into the Student Tracking System ( with your CWL.  On the right side blue menu, click "Courses".  On the new page, click the button "Request Transfer Course" and fill in the information.  Once you submit, an automated email will go to your supervisor and program coordinator for their review and approval.  Once their approval is granted the Student Support Office will complete the paperwork for submission to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. 

Schools not listed under the Western Dean's Agreement may qualify for other exchange agreements.  

Reference links:

Q: What is the graduate student process for requesting a Leave of Absence from a program?

Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies - Leave of Absence policy

For step-by-step instructions on starting a leave of absence request, click here.  

Q: What is the process for extending my graduate program?

For instructions on how to request an extension to your program end date, please read: Request an Extension to your Program End Date

Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies - Program Extension policy


Q: Where can I find information about graduate student housing?

There are several on-campus housing options designated specifically for graduate students.  Visit UBC Housing and Conferences for more information.

The housing application process is entirely separate from the admissions process - please do not wait until you are admitted before applying for housing.  

Q: What is "continuous registration"?

The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies requires that you, as a graduate student, must remain continuously registered in courses until your degree is completed, except for periods when you may be away on an approved leave.

Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies - Continuous Registration policy

Q: Can I take a graduate NURS course if I don't have the pre-requisite?

Please contact the instructor for the course to ask for permission (you can get their contact information when you click on the course in the Course Schedule section in SSC).  If you are approved to take the course, contact and we can register you for the course.

Q: How do I get on the waitlist for a graduate NURS course?

To be placed on the waitlist for a course, please contact School of Nursing Student Support Office (  Provide the course number, your full name and student number for efficient assistance.

Q: If I am on a graduate NURS course waitlist, what is the likelihood that I will get into the course?

We cannot predict when or if a seat will become on available as it depends on a number of factors.  If a space become available, it is offered to the first person on the waitlist.

Q: Why am I having trouble registering for a graduate NURS course?

There are several potential reasons that you are not able to register.  Please review the points below to see if one of them may apply to your situation.  

  1. Check to ensure that you have selected the correct session.  There is a drop down menu in SSC to select "2015 Summer" or "2015 Winter".
  2. Do you have any outstanding fees that need to be paid?  There may be a financial hold on your account.  You can check this under "Financial Summary" in SSC.
  3. Some courses have restrictions to reserve seats for students in certain programs.  You can view the restrictions on the course page in the UBC Course Schedule under "Restricted Seats".  If you still have questions or need assistance, please contact