Graduate Student in Nursing Association (GSNA)

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Welcome to the Graduate Student in Nursing Association (GSNA). The GSNA is the official organization representing the collective interests of graduate students in the School of Nursing. The GSNA executive is elected by the student body and can include MSN, MN, MPH/MSN and PhD students.


Hello graduate nursing students! Nominations for the 2020 GSNA nominations for 2020 elections are now open from November 19-November 29. Afterwards, elections will be held from December 1 -December 15.  A Zoom townhall meeting for members to ask learning about the positions, questions, and express interest and will be occurring on November 24, 2020 from 1200-1300 PST. You can find the zoom details below. If you are unable to attend, the meeting will be recorded this time. Please email us at if you wish to access the recording.

Join the Zoom Town hall! 

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What does the GSNA do?

GSNA organizes activities with the goal of enriching students’ experiences of graduate education and achieving academic scholarship in Graduate Programs associated with the UBC School of Nursing. The GSNA communicates the needs and views of graduate students to School of Nursing faculty through involvement in faculty committees. GSNA also promotes engagement and collegiality among graduate students with faculty, staff, and the broader community. We abide by a constitution and by-laws developed by the 2013 executive.

Who can be a member?

All graduate students actively registered in one of UBC's graduate programs under the auspices of the School of Nursing (MSN, MN, PhD) and paying tuition and fees are members of the GSNA. Beginning September 2014, annual fees will be collected with tuition installments to support GSNA events and activities that promote academic scholarship for graduate and professional students. Additional membership criteria are outlined in GSNA bylaws to accommodate individuals who share mutual goals and interests with the GSNA but who are not actively enrolled in graduate courses at UBC.

Students in the MHLP Program are currently non-voting members, and welcome to participate in all events, activities, and projects. 

Grad Student Mailboxes

Personalized mailboxes are available for doctoral students. Non-specific alphabetized mailboxes are available for graduate students in all other School of Nursing Graduate & Professional Programs (MSN, MN, MHLP). 

Please note: Mail received at the School of Nursing must be related to your work as a graduate student. Mail of a confidential or sensitive nature (i.e. Tax Forms) will not be left in mailboxes, and will be available for pickup at the Student Support Office. You will receive email notification of this mail.

Key Projects

GSNA is building on the work of the last two years in response to students' interests in creating supports for developing research skills and engagement in decision-making processes in the School of Nursing. In partnership with the School of Nursing, in 2013, the GSNA held its first research symposium, which featured presentations from UBC students as well as students from around the province.

To learn more about the GSNA, please email us.  GSNA events are also promoted in the Graduate Student Newsletter that is sent out weekly.

GSNA Meetings

GSNA meetings are open to all voting & non-voting members, that takes place once a month in the Grad Lounge. Meetings involve,  discussing, planning, and organising GSNA activities. As well, we consider issues at the School of Nursing (SoN) and UBC levels that pertain to graduate students in nursing. GSNA represents the nursing graduate students in a variety of committees in the School of Nursing and the larger university community, such as the Graduate Student Society, SoN Faculty Caucus, SoN Graduate Programs Committee, and SoN Scholarship of Teaching and Research (STaR) Committee. If you would like to attend a GSNA meeting or are looking for a way to be involved, contact us to receive information about our next meeting.

Nursing Graduate Student Research Symposium

The Graduate Student Symposium provides an opportunity for nursing students to share innovative projects, scholarship, and research in a dynamic, interactive, and supportive setting. This forum provides an opportunity for students to gain experience with presentations early in their careers. If you have questions about or are interested in participating in the symposium, please email us or visit the website for additional information.

Graduate Orientation

The GSNA partners with the School of Nursing to bring Graduate Student Orientation to all doctoral and masters students. GSNA members are an integral part of the planning committee, and along with Graduate Program Advisors, Faculty and Student Support Office organize and deliver Graduate Orientation in August or September of each year.


The GSNA gratefully acknowledges the generous and ongoing contributions of the School of Nursing towards our efforts to launch a new organization. The encouragement, advice, workshops, and partnerships offered by various faculty members, staff, and the SoN leadership have been instrumental to our success. We look forward to the continuation of the ongoing collaboration!