Culminating Project Planning


Course Description

Contact Fairleth McCuaig, MN-NP Program Coordinator, if you have questions about the culminating project.

NURS 596 - Primary Care Project (3 credits) is a scholarly project that addresses a focus area for nurse practitioners (NP). The project is based on a critical review of the literature and clearly integrates theory with practice.  The intent is to produce a product that improves NP practice. Students are encouraged to begin thinking about the project in the first term of the program.

Overview of the Project

The project may take the form of program or policy development, a presentation to a target group or professional conference, the design of innovative techniques for the delivery of patient care, a paper for publication, or a collaborative interdisciplinary effort that affects practice. Other possibilities will be considered on an individual basis.

Consider an area that you would like to develop. Conduct a brief literature review to see what has been done in the area or what is lacking. You may wish to consult with faculty or practicing NP's as you develop the topic.

The Proposal
  • Submit, to your Chair, a written proposal which describes your proposed project.
  • The proposal must be accepted by the committee (see "Committee Membership for the Project" for more information about the committee).
  • The proposal summarizes the rationale for the project, the scope of the project and the evaluation process.
  • Once the proposal has been approved, present the Chair and committee member with a complete copy.
Committee Membership for the Project

You require a minimum of two committee members. The Chair of your committee must be a faculty member at the rank of lecturer, instructor, or any of the professorial ranks. The second committee member may be drawn from adjunct professors. Committee membership should be determined in consultation with your Chair.

Student's Responsibilities
  • Discuss the topic of the Project with potential committee members
  • Select appropriate committee members (see qualifications above). It is essential to select the Chair first; the Chair's guidance will be useful in determining the other committee members.
  • Meet with the committee members to verify the choice of project and to agree on the following- approach to the project, a tentative timetable, frequency of contact with the Chair and committee member.
  • Present a proposal to the Chair and committee member for approval.
  • Submit materials for review and allow adequate turnaround time.
  • To expedite the process, depending on the work plan approved by the committee, students will normally work most closely with the Chair until portions of the project are ready to be reviewed by the other committee member.
  • Provide frequent progress reports to your Chair.
  • Present the project, in the form agreed upon, to the Chair and committee member.
  • Know the School's deadlines for submission of approved culminating projects.
Chair's Responsibilities
  • Work with the student to identify an appropriate committee member for the topic of the project.
  • Submit information about the committee membership to the Graduate Records Office.
  • Oversee all aspects of the project including planning, work and submission process.
  • Provide feedback on all submitted materials.
  • Guide the student through the process, seeking input from the other committee member particularly when modifications are required.
  • Consult with the Coordinator of the NP program if concerns arise.
  • Determine, in consultation with the committee, when the project has been completed.
  • When the project is been completed and approved, inform the SON Graduate Records Office in writing that the student has passed.
  • Consult with the committee member to determine a grade for the project. Submit the grade in writing to the Graduate Records Office.
Committee Member's Responsibilities
  • Consult with the student and Chair, as required.
  • Provide feedback to submitted work in a timely fashion.
  • Approve the proposal and final project in consultation with the Chair.
  • Consult with the Chair to determine an appropriate grade.
Evaluative Criteria
  • A critical literature review of the topic will be presented to the committee. The literature review must show the need for the particular project.
  • A project will be designed that integrates theory with practice and is evidence based.
  • Concepts and principles from the foundational core courses in the NP program will be evident in the design of the project.
  • The project will be implemented (e.g. a paper for publication will be written and ready for submission, a program for change in an aspect of NP practice will be developed).
  • The Chair (committee) will review the project for evidence of accomplishment and scholarly work- (e.g. If the project is a video, the supervisor will watch it, if it is a presentation, the supervisor or delegate will attend the presentation).
  • The student will critically evaluate the process - both development and outcomes of the project.
  • The committee members determine and submit the mark for the project.
  • The School of Nursing follows the Publication Manual for the American Psychological Association (APA), 6th Edition.
  • All projects must be formatted in compliance with these publication guidelines.
  • For more information please visit the UBC Library "How to Cite"

Program Completion 

The checklist below will guide you through the steps for MN-NP program completion.  The checklist is a guide for students and their supervising faculty, and it outlines each party’s responsibility as it relates to the completion of NURS 596 requirements. 

Checklist for Students Submitting a Culminating Project (NURS 596)

Viewing completed graduate projects

To access completed culminating projects, refer to the UBC's Open Library Collections.