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Beliefs Framework in the School of Nursing
This document shows how the UBC School of Nursing is guided by a set of core convictions articulated by faculty about the discipline and profession of nursing. Interrelated beliefs about the practice of nursing, and the development of nursing knowledge.
Emergency Plan and Procedures
This Policy and Guidelines tell us what to do and what to expect in the event of an Emergency situation at the School of Nursing, or in the Koerner Pavilion at UBC Hospital in general.
Environment - Fragrances and Chemicals
This policy explains why the School of Nursing requests that all members strive to avoid using scented or aromatic personal products, such as fragrances, body products, air fresheners, or other, while we are at the School.
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy
This policy governs how we use, refer and disseminate personal information at the SoN, adhering to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). All members of the academic community must be familiar with it
Grade Assignment Guidelines
This document provides the guidelines followed by faculty to grade work submitted to them, following the assessment and evaluation criteria of specific assignments in the course. It includes Grading Levels and Percentages assigned to them.
MSN Thesis Oral Defence Policy
MSN Program NURS 599 Thesis Oral Defense Policy
Photography in the UBC School of Nursing
The use of photography at the School of Nursing requires careful attention to balance between effective communication and respect of privacy. Students, who do not want their photo taken at the SoN, can fill out the form on this document.
In this document, you will find the rationale observed by the SoN that supports the University's view that Plagiarism represents academic misconduct of a serious nature. It outlines Plagiaristic Behaviours and how they are handled at the School.
Scholarship, Student Loan, and Honors Standing
This policy outlines information related to how the University administers and offers a number of awards and scholarships for eligible students in Undergraduate and Graduate levels.
Snow Closures
This policy will tell you where to look for information on Disruption of Classes/Services in case of a snow storm or other weather-related concerns, so you can make necessary arrangements.
Student Accident Insurance
This policy refers to the Student Accident Insurance coverage that is required to have for students' benefit, when they are performing course work in environments where the risk of injury is greater than a classroom.
Student Injury during Clinical Practice Experience
This policy provides an insight in detail of the process for reporting and follow-up of a student injury that occurs during clinical practice.
Student Injury on UBC Premises Procedures
This policy provides a detailed process for reporting of a student injury that occurs while on the UBC campus premises.
Student Involvement in QA or QI Projects and Research
This document provides background and rationale for the policy that governs Student Involvement in Quality Assurance /Quality Improvement Projects, particularly in regards to ethical and legal issues associated.
Student Misconduct
This policy refers to student misconduct in professional practice areas or on campus. Students will find here some examples of Student Misconduct and potential consequences, as well as the process followed should such a situation arise.
Student Records
This policy outlines the beliefs of the School of Nursing in terms of rights and responsibilities for students and faculty members, regarding Student Records. How they are kept and how they can be accessed by students.
Submission of Graduate Assignments
This policy provides guidelines and regulations around the submission of academic assignments for graduate students in all programs. Students and faculty are required to adhere to these guidelines.
Thesis Oral Defence Procedure & Policy
The thesis oral defense for Master of Science in Nursing students will constitute a public defense, scheduled by the supervisor, student, and committee members, following the approval of the master’s thesis by supervisory committee members.
Use of Student Work for Teaching and Learning Purposes
This policy refers to cases when faculty may want to use 'well done' work of individual students, as a learning example for other students. The author is asked to sign a Consent Form for the SoN to use Personal Work as a Learning Resource for others.
Virtual Doctoral Exams
Planning for Virtual Doctoral Exams within the School of Nursing (i.e. Comprehensive and Candidacy exams).