Ethics and Politics of Nursing (3)

  • MSN
  • PhD

NURS 502

In this course the ethics and politics of nursing are examined. An exploration of ethical practice in nursing and contemporary health care contexts that promote social justice and health equity is undertaken. The current climate of nursing practice and the context of health-care practice and policy are critically evaluated. The values that underlie individual and policy decision- making in nursing, and  health care more widely, are examined. Offered early in the MSN program this course will also focus on providing students ongoing feedback and support in developing their writing skills.


  • Critically examine the values shaping nursing and health care in Canada.
  • Evaluate various theoretical perspectives for their usefulness in understanding how health, health care and nursing are shaped my competing structures, values and power relations
  • Use a nursing lens to examine and foster ethical practice and policy
  • Explore how values, health, health care and nursing practice are shaped within the context of larger social trends and political mandates
  • Begin to assess how values and policies are enacted to affect particular populations differentially

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