Advanced Health Assessment (6)

  • MN-NP

NURS 510

This course builds on basic health assessment skills to provide a solid foundation for integrating advanced health assessment with diagnostic reasoning and clinical decision-making. The primary focus of the course is on history taking, physical assessment, and the process of formulating differential diagnoses in a primary care context. A secondary focus emphasizes prevention and health maintenance strategies with individuals and families across the lifespan.


  • Conduct a comprehensive history and physical examination of infants, children, adults and elderly.
  • Conduct a symptom-specific health history and physical examination for individuals across the life span
  • Analyze relevant lab data and diagnostic tests as a basis for developing a differential diagnosis
  • Analyze assessment findings to differentiate abnormal pathology and develop relevant differential diagnoses
  • Communicate findings of the health history, physical examination, and diagnostic tests using accurate, concise recording and reporting
  • Analyze the sensitivity and specificity of health screening measures commonly used in primary care
  • Develop health promotion, prevention, and health maintenance plans for individuals and families in the context of primary care.

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