Educational Processes in Nursing (3)

  • MSN
  • PhD

NURS 540

This course explores the historical development, theoretical bases, practical knowledge, accountability of, and issues regarding curriculum processes and teaching in nursing education and/or practice.


  • Analyze the historical development of nursing education and demonstrate the way this has influenced present day practices
  • Synthesize information, utilizing knowledge or processes from teaching and learning theory, to support evidence based teaching
  • Critically evaluate how a diversity of learners’ needs and styles can be incorporated in an educators teaching practice
  • Analyze the ethical implications of specific learning strategies in a variety of contexts and settings in nursing education
  • Extrapolate the concepts underpinning curriculum development and evaluation
  • Postulate  future  directions  for  nursing  education,  based  on  current  trends  and innovations and their possible implications for education, practice and research

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