Quantitative Research Methods (3)

  • MSN
  • PhD

NURS 549

This course takes a practical approach to preparing students to use quantitative research methods at a level that would be appropriate for a master’s thesis. Relationships between research questions, research design, data, and statistical analyses are explored. Students are exposed to a variety of statistical techniques (t-tests, chi-square tests, one-way ANOVA, two- way ANOVA, correlation, simple regression, and multiple regression), and are expected to develop competency in the use of selected techniques.


  • Select the appropriate research design for a research question
  • Articulate the key features and underlying assumptions of various statistical tests
  • Articulate  the  decision  process  for  selecting  the  appropriate  statistical  tests  for analyzing data
  • Select the appropriate statistical tests for analyzing data
  • Conduct selected statistical analyses, interpret output, and report findings in tabular, graphic, and narrative forms (t-test, chi-square tests, one-way ANOVA, correlation, and simple regression)
  • Articulate principles associated with the interpretation of quantitative research findings
  • Use SPSS with a beginner’s level of confidence as a tool for conducting quantitative data analysis.

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