The Politics of Health Policy (3)

  • MSN
  • MN-NP
  • MHLP
  • PhD

NURS 560

This course is the study of the processes and strategies influencing health and social policy, and the social and political contexts in which policy is created.


  • Critically examine the different theoretical and ideological perspectives from which policy is conceptualised.
  • Analyze  the  social,  political  and  economic  contexts  in  which  policy  is  created  and enacted.
  • Interpret health and social policy processes in the context of larger social trends and political mandates.
  • Examine how policies differentially affect particular populations and shape health and social inequities.
  • Identify new directions needed in health and social policy development.
  • Critically  examine  how  nurses  and  other  health  professionals  can  influence  policy development and implementation.

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