Consolidated Practicum (6)

  • MN-NP

NURS 578

The Consolidated Practicum is a clinically based course in which nurse practitioner students integrate and consolidate their knowledge, skills and experiences gained in all previous courses of the nurse practitioner program. It is a time to combine all of these aspects of learning and practice the nurse practitioner role under the supervision of a physician or a nurse practitioner. Students are expected to be self-directed learners and to identify their learning needs, articulate how they could meet their needs and develop a plan to meet those needs within their practicum time.

The course involves 7 weeks of full time practice. Although many students will practice far from campus and may be the only student in a practice site, communication with faculty will be maintained on an ongoing basis through emails, telephone, Connect discussion and face to face contact with a clinical site visitor. Communication with student peers will be maintained through Connect discussions.


The aim of NURS 578 is to integrate the CRNBC Nurse Practitioner Competencies into practice while under the supervision of a physician or nurse practitioner preceptor. As the goal is to achieve entry to practice (as a nurse practitioner, family) level competence, the course objectives are the CRNBC competencies. Students are expected to know their scope of practice and to practice within their scope as articulated in the document, Scope of Practice for Nurse Practitioners (Family) Standards Limits and Conditions, available on line, at CRBNC.

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