Specialized Domains of Nursing Practice - Nursing and Health Care in Historical Perspective (3)

  • MSN
  • PhD


Exploration of nursing and health care history. This course offers an opportunity to understand changes in nursing practice and health care in their historical context. Past approaches in the history of nursing practice are analysed in the broader context of changes in health care and shifting work and gender relationships. Major social and cultural influences, such as religion, gender, class, ethnicity, and education as well as the impact of institutional health care and science on the evolution of nursing practice will be explored. Main events and ideas, such as the rise of the modern hospital, public health, the threat of disease and changing social circumstances that shaped nursing and health care are included in the list of topics covered in the course. These topics will be examined based on critical analysis of historical readings. Approaches to historical inquiry will be explored in selected experiential activities.


  • Analyze and critique selected secondary works on the history of nursing and health care to develop an understanding of the broader social context that has shaped nursing and health care over time
  • Examine and analyze events and ideas influential to nursing and health care
  • Explore the use of historical methods of analysis for raising contemporary nursing issues questions
  • Critique your own views with regard to the development of nursing and articulate and critically evaluate selected questions on the history of nursing practice and interventions

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