Specialized Domains of Nursing Practice - Health Informatics (3)

  • MSN
  • PhD


Nursing and clinical informatics is an applied field and an area of study which focuses on the application and critique of information and communication technologies (ICT) in the context of healthcare. Students will examine theoretical, historical and current issues in nursing and clinical informatics, and examine both the positive and negative implications of using technologies in the clinical setting. Topics will include the professional role of nurses and other professions in the design and use of technologies, organizational factors, human factors, software development and implementation, legal, privacy and ethical issues, patient use of technologies for healthcare, and best practices for patient safety, knowledge translation and evidence-based practice.


  • Critically analyze practices related to the use of information and communication technologies by nurses and other clinicians
    • Examine the history of healthcare informatics and identify implications for current care
    • Critique theories underpinning the use of information and communication technologies
    • Identify and appraise key principles of human-centred design and organizational factors related to the implementation and use of ICT by clinicians and patients
  • Critically examine best practices to ensure that clinical information systems are designed to adequately capture nursing and clinical care (data structures, nursing knowledge representation, data collection as by-product of care)
    • Articulate infrastructure required for adequate health information exchange across the care continuum
    • Analyze implications of using the system development life cycle (SDLC) in the context of healthcare
    • Identify technology design issues that may impact patient safety (e.g., technology induced errors)
    • Critically reflect on roles of nurses, other professionals and patients in the development and maintenance of healthcare computer systems 
    • Examine privacy, legal and ethical implications of the use of ICT by clinicians and patients
  • Formulate and critically analyze a plan to implement healthcare technologies to facilitate evidence based practice while ensuring patient safety

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