Specialized Domains of Nursing Practice - Multidisciplinary Perspectives in Adolescent Health (3)

  • MSN
  • PhD


In this course students will critically evaluate the theoretical approaches that inform adolescent health care and research, explore the evidence for key health issues among various populations of youth, and evaluate interventions, research, or policy affecting specific areas of adolescent health and vulnerability. Although, the course focuses primarily on a population health approach rather than clinical practice in acute care settings, the content will be useful for a variety of disciplines that work with young people in health and community settings.


  • Identify the major approaches to conceptualising adolescent health and risks to health from various disciplines.
  • Draw upon various sources of information about key health issues for diverse populations of adolescents.
  • Evaluate the use of different theoretical approaches in guiding research on adolescent health.
  • Evaluate strengths and limits of key theories in guiding health promotion and health care for youth.
  • Recognize some of the implicit theoretical and ideological perspectives underlying policies or programs to promote the health of adolescents.
  • Critically evaluate the potential fit between the goals and the theory.
  • Apply theories to develop a research, practice, or policy proposal to address a priority health issue for a population of adolescents.
  • Identify gaps in theoretical development for adolescent health promotion.

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