Specialized Domains of Nursing Practice - Violence in Families: Advanced Understandings and Responses (3)

  • MSN
  • PhD


This course builds upon a basic understanding of violence in families over the lifespan and presents a critical analysis to intervention strategies. It provides an overview of assessment, prevention and intervention strategies for social workers and nurses in their professional interactions with clients/patients who have experienced or perpetrated violence at different stages of their lifecycle. Interventions are considered in terms of the socio-political context of individuals and/or families and individual vulnerabilities due to age, gender, class and ethnicity. Inter-professional collaboration in providing intervention strategies will be emphasized.


  • Appreciate and understand the social context in which violence occurs
  • Identify the risk markers to and signs and symptoms of different types of abuse in families and assess for presence of violence
  • Identify the appropriate types of interventions for different types of abuse
  • Appreciate the value of close collaborative practice between nurses and social workers and with allied health, social service, and legal services
  • Appreciate and promote violence prevention strategies

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