Primary Care/Culminating Project (3)

  • MN-NP

NURS 596

This course is a project that addresses a focus area for nurse practitioners. The focus may be, but is not limited to the following: improving an area of NP practice; work with a patient population receiving NP care; an innovation in NP practice; exploration and clarification of an issue affecting NPs; an aspect of interdisciplinary practice or a political activity that impacts NP practice. The project will demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the topic, use of the literature, and an evidence-based approach. Students are encouraged to begin thinking about the project in the first term of the program.


The project may take the form of program or policy development, a presentation to a target group or professional conference, the design of innovative techniques for the delivery of patient care, a paper for publication, or a collaborative interdisciplinary effort that affects practice. Other possibilities will be considered on an individual basis.

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