Doctoral Seminar (0)

  • PhD

NURS 601

The doctoral seminars provide an opportunity for PhD students to share information about the program, develop relationships with one another and faculty, learn about supervisory processes, the program’s management, and for involving oneself in the School. This course is designed as a set of student-centered seminars to provide an ongoing opportunity for students to discuss phenomena relevant to nursing science, academia, and the process of undertaking doctoral thesis research. (2 terms required, usually in first year)        


  • Discuss the transition to doctoral studies from other professional nursing contexts
  • Explore the process of preparing for comprehensive examinations, and thesis and navigating the doctoral program
  • Assist in preparing grant and scholarship applications
  • Discuss ideas for preparing for comprehensive examinations and improving proposals and dissertations
  • Explore strategies for navigating PhD studies, focusing on ways to improve your PhD experience, develop a community among PhD students, and clarify issues about the program