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UBC Nursing faculty join other mental health experts to offer new Institute

Going Public: Building Capacity for Knowledge Translation in Mental Health


Date: 04 Jul 201608 Jul 2016

Presented by: UBC MD&S, CIHR, School of Journalism, Faculty of Education

Room: Hosted at the University of British Columbia

Online course also available: May 30 to June 27, 2016

Participants from a range of disciplines doing research in mental health are invited to a new Institute to be held this summer. The program can be taken as continuing education or for graduate credit. Attendees can participate online or in-person.

After Aliana’s* 17 year old brother died by suicide she became aware of the stigma associated with talking about depression. To family and friends he was the “golden boy” with everything going for him; it was only after his death that they understood that he was suffering in silence.

While 1 in 5 Canadians experience mental illness over the course of their lifetime, many are reluctant to talk about their experiences for fear that they will subject to negative stereotypes, face marginalization or exclusion. Stigma that leads to silence can stand in the way of recovery for individuals and families.

It is through the media that most people come to their understanding of mental illness. Many mental health researchers- in health, clinical and social sciences- would like to be active in knowledge translation and expanding public conversations to reduce stigma. The majority, however, are unsure about how to talk about their work to journalists or share findings through social media. This lack of public engagement means that important research on mental health is not widely communicated nor does it drive policy change.

The summer institute “Going Public: Building Capacity for Knowledge Translation in Mental Health” will equip students, postdoctoral fellows and mental health researchers to share their work in meaningful ways to reach broad audiences.  With mentorship from highly regarded journalists and researchers in health, indigenous studies, gender, cultural studies, the visual arts and humanities, participants will create a KT product based on their research.

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