1960's UBC School of Nursing Uniform

Nursing Artifacts and Nurses' Uniforms: Preserving Nurses' Cultural History

A Webinar in Honour of the BC History of Nursing Society's 30th Anniversary

Date: 23 Nov 2021

Presented by: UBC Nursing History Consortium | UBC-V Nursing | BC History of Nursing Society

Room: ONLINE | Zoom

 Welcome and Opening Remarks by

  • Kathy Murphy, President, BC History of Nursing Society
  • Geertje Boschma, Professor, UBC School of Nursing

Keynote Address by Christina (Tina) Bates, former curator of the Canadian Museum of History, Ottawa

          "Nursing History Embodied: Collecting and Researching a Uniform Collection"

  • Tina Bates will present the Canadian History Collection of 1,800 artifacts, with a focus on its 52 uniforms from nursing schools across Canada. She will demonstrate material culture methods that can tease out meaning from artifacts. Based on her book, A Cultural History of the Nurse’s Uniform, she will examine the role of the uniform in creating nursing identity over one hundred years. The uniform was an active participant in the changing culture of nursing work and thought.
  • Following the presentation, there will be time for Q & A (put your questions in the Q&A box).

Fashion Show of Nurses’ Uniforms

  • PowerPoint presentation by the members of the BC History of Nursing Society: Margaret Scaia, Sheila Rankin Zerr and Lenore Radom.

Closing Remarks by Kathy Murphy and Geertje Boschma


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