Towards a Coalition on Action Against Indigenous Specific Racism in Health Care

Hosted by the BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres, in partnership with Safespace Networks and San'yas Indigenous Cultural Safety Training

Date: 01 Jun 2021

Room: ONLINE via Zoom


This Zoom conference will discuss action towards creating a safe health care system for Indigenous people.

Indigenous thought leaders will draw from their experiences as both patients and providers in Canada's health system:

  • Dr. Cheryl Ward, Executive Director, Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA)
  • Donna Wilson, Executive Vice President, People and Diagnostic & Treatment Services, PHSA
  • Dr. Alika Lafontaine, Anesthesiologist, Canadian Medical Association President-Elect, Co-founder of Safespace Networks
  • Dr. Annette Browne, Professor, University of British Columbia (UBC) School of Nursing
  • Dr. Barry Lavallee, Chief Executive Officer, Keewatinohk Inniniw Minoayawin Inc.
  • Dr. Colleen Varcoe, Professor, UBC School of Nursing
  • Dr. Marcia Anderson, Vice Dean, Indigenous Health, University of Manitoba
  • Dr. Lisa Calder, Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Medical Protective Association

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