Telepresence Robot enages with long-term care staff

IDEALab Reveals Friendly Robot

13 Oct 2021

Assistant Professor Dr. Lillian Hung and her patient partner co-lead Jim Mann at UBC IDEALab and the Centre for Health Evaluation and Outcome Sciences (CHEOS) have introduced their newest device for keeping residents of long-term care facilities connected with their loved ones. The Telepresence robot looks like an iPad on wheels but is much more sophisticated. Family members receive a link from the care facility where their loved ones are living, and they can control the robot themselves from their home computer, using arrow keys or clicking on the floor visible on their screen from the robotic eye, and moving it close to their relative in long-term care. The resident need not do anything at all except engage with the image of their family on screen. With the Telepresence robot, long-term care staff need not assist or take their time from other tasks, leaving the families to enjoy a quick visit whenever they are not able to visit in person. Learn more at one of the links below.

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