A Short Essay on Men

A Short Essay on Men

15 Jul 2019

New film released to promote men's health.

With insights from Dr. John Oliffe of Men's Health Research, filmmaker Sheona McDonald of Dimestore Productions has released a new film - and this statement on social media:

I'm really proud of this film that we recently made for Telus Storyhive with the support of CreativeBC and development with documentary channel. It's called 'A short Essay on Men' and it was conceived several years ago when I was asked (by a man) to explore the question "are men lost?".


I am so grateful to the men who shared their stories in this film. Connor, Dai, Stephen, John, Amir & Cameron. Brave, honest, compelling and important. I'm so thankful to all who helped make this film beautiful & supported it along the way (I'll name a few and forget many I'm sure). Simon, Joe, Mark, Mark, Jonathan, Kevin, Erin, Ness, Jessica, Graham, Kyle.


If you are a man or have men in your lives - father, brother, uncle, son, cousin, grandfather, colleague, neighbour...this is a film for you. While this is a film about men, it is a film about all of us. 


It's important.


Pass it on.

This 50 minute film will teach you something about what it means - and what it should mean to be a man.

A Short Essay on Men