Painted by CRAB team member and recent alumna, Skye Maitland

CRAB Project

23 Nov 2018

On November 19th, we were thrilled when a number of alumni joined our first term students as volunteer actors in a workshop entitled ‘Forum theatre & Cognitive Rehearsal to Address Bullying (the CRAB project)’. RN alumni played the part of an RN and a Clinical Instructor in a hospital-based scenario to help prepare students to manage this ongoing phenomena. Having RNs present was the highlight for students. Thank you to all!       

Kathy O'Flynn-Magee


The C.R.A.B. Project
Cognitive Rehearsal (& Forum Theatre) to Address Bullying

"...when someone takes an action that [they] knew or reasonably ought to have known would cause that [person(s)] to be humiliated or intimidated..."

WorksafeBC (2016)

Witnessed/Experienced bullying? Not sure who to talk to?


     Meet with a UBC Faculty or Staff member (such as Clinical Instructor, Course Leader, Program Coordinator, Student Advisor, Assistant Director). No further action required.


     As above and no further complaint action required but student requires further support from Student Advisor or UBC Counselling or resources.


     Formal complaint in writing to SoN leadership - Assistant Director and Director. Follow-up support required.


     External to SoN including Human Rights Advisor, Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Office (SVPRO) or Ombudsperson.

The process can be initiated at any level.

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