Donelda Parker Headshot from 1997
Donalda Parker at the UBC School of Nursing in 1997

Donelda Parker - In Memoriam

25 Oct 2022

August 16th 1936 - October 20th 2022

The faculty and staff of the School of Nursing celebrate the life of Donelda Ellis Parker, alumna and Associate Professor Emerita, who died in Vancouver on October 20th at the age of 86. Donelda began her employment with the School in 1978 after graduating with her MSN. She began as an instructor in 1987 and retired in 1999 as an associate professor. Donelda remained actively engaged with the School long past retirement and has been a beloved attendee at events and gatherings. She will certainly be missed.

For details about Donelda's full and busy life, please click the links below for her Amazing Alumni story and her online obituary.

Amazing Alumni Story