Budh Singh Dhahan
Guru Nanak Graduation September 2002

Budh Singh Dhahan Remembered

29 May 2018

Budh Singh DHAHAN
December 5, 1925 – April 20, 2018

The School of Nursing fondly remembers and celebrates the life of Budh Singh Dhahan, one of our strong collaborators in international engagement, among whose interests was a dream to develop health care in Punjab. Mr Dhahan worked tirelessly with the School of Nursing and other partners over the course of several decades to realize his dream of building rural medical and educational complexes at Dhahan-Kaleran (which includes the Guru Nanak School of Nursing and the Canada UBC Guest House among its amenities) and a health and education centre near Nawangran Kulpur. The beneficiaries of his work are not only those who have studied at the facilities he built, but also those who have been in the care of those health care practitioners. His legacy cannot but continue to unfold.

Guru Nanak Graduating Class 2002

September 2002 Guru Nanak School of Nursing’s first graduating class from the international baccalaureate (2002) ("Mr Dhahan Senior" at far right) with grads, VIPs, and UBC faculty members Susan Dahinten and Sally Thorne.

Fundraiser November 2002 with Mr Dhahan

2002 Fundraiser with Dr Sally Thorne (UBC), Patty Sahota (then MLA), Mr Dhahan, Sindi Hawkins (then provincial Minister of Health Planning) and Balbir Gurm (local nursing leader)

Guru Nanak Graduation Sept 2002

September 2002 Guru Nanak School of Nursing Graduation ceremonies.

Guru Nanak Nursing Class

Nursing Students at Guru Nanak School of Nursing (2006)


Guru Nanak Mission Hospital

Nurses in scrubs (with Canadian visitors) (2006)

Faculty members attend Mr Budh Singh Dhahan's celebration of life (Bhog and Kirtan) on June 3, 2018 at the Ross Sikh Temple. Sally Thorne shared memories of working with Mr. Dhahan - see attached PDF.

Obituary in Vancouver Sun