APPLY! MHLP-Clinical Education

01 Jun 2018

Master of Health Leadership and Policy in Clinical Education

Now Accepting Applications for the January 2019 Intake.

The changing landscape of health care, the introduction of new technologies, and the identification of novel approaches to the provision of clinical care has created the need for highly proficient clinical educators. These leaders must be able to analyze practice trends, identify learning needs, and develop an educational strategy to address needs within a wide array of clinical practice contexts. UBC’s newly approved Master of Health Leadership and Policy in Clinical Education is designed for clinical educators to develop the skills required by top employers.

The UBC Master of Health Leadership and Policy in Clinical Education offers participants a unique and comprehensive blend of technical and professional development concentrated on learning how to analyze trends, and to design, deliver, and evaluate clinical education. The one-year program equips participants with the knowledge and expertise to direct inter-professional clinical teams and effectively manage the business of health care — people, systems and resources — in a clinical context.
Offered by the UBC School of Nursing, this inter-professional graduate-level degree will develop the skilled clinicians’ perspectives and abilities to understand and analyze the educational implications of key trends. Participants will be equipped to articulate educational and business strategies that will enable health care organizations to meet practice and accreditation standards across diverse clinical disciplines.

A combination of clinical education expertise and a series of platform courses taught by faculty in the Sauder School of Business provides a foundation in project management, data analysis, communication and leadership skills. To advance their career, graduates will now have the tools to excel in creating caring, collaborative clinical environments — places where patients trust and have confidence in their care providers to achieve optimal health outcomes.

Visit MHLP.UBC.CA or email to learn more.