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Transgender youth and pregnancy

08 Sep 2016

SARAVYC's Canadian Transgender Youth Health Survey reveals statistics about pregnancy among transgender youth. Here is the story as released from various outlets.

The CTYHS Study


Broadly - "trans youth get pregnant at the same rate as cisgender peers" September 8, 2016

Vancouver Sun - "...transgender youth get pregnant at about the same rate as the general youth population." September 8, 2016

New Zealand Herald - "New research shows transgender youth have been found to have similar pregnancy rates to other adolescents." September 8, 2016

Times of India - "Pregnancy rates in transgender youth similar to others" - September 8, 2016

Business Standard - "Pregnancy risk for transgender youth no less than others." - September 8, 2016

Times Colonist - "Pregnancy rates among trans youth match rates among youth in general." September 7, 2016

Georgia Straight - "UBC study finds transgender youth who are sexually active have similar pregnancy rates as non-trans peers."