If I Were Tom

Men's Health Launches Interactive Website

09 Jan 2017

Interactive website provides support to men with prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among Canadian men. Globally it’s estimated that one in every seven men will be diagnosed.

While the numbers seem grim, advancements in treatment and support systems mean that 96 per cent of men are alive five years after their diagnosis. And research has shown that being prepared, having a plan, and finding support increases those odds even further.

If I Were Tom is an interactive website developed by the UBC Men’s Health Research Program. It features a video drama about a man going through the stages of a prostate cancer  – from the initial diagnosis to treatment options to living with it and working to overcome side effects. There are also additional resource videos from experts and people with first-hand experience.

If I were Tom is an alternate resource for men who aren’t able to attend, or aren’t comfortable with attending in-person support groups. It can also serve as a supplemental resource for support groups, and act as a first step for men to identify a path forward.

The website launched on January 9, 2017 along with a presentation by Dr. John Oliffe. In coordination with the launch, the team is hoping to highlight the link between mental health and prostate cancer by offering people who complete the Check Your Head survey a chance to win $500 CAD.

The website was made possible through support from Canadian Institutes for Health Research.

You can contact  Dr. John Oliffe at John.Oliffe@nursing.ubc.ca.  

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If I Were Tom - Interactive Website