Sally Thorne and Colleen Varcoe

CAN announces UBC SoN Charter Fellows

11 May 2020

School of Nursing Professors Sally Thorne and Colleen Varcoe Named Charter Fellows of New Canadian Academy of Nursing

Michael Villeneuve, Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Nurses Association, announced on Monday, May 11, 2020, that the new Canadian Academy of Nursing (CAN), has recently appointed twelve Charter Fellows of the Academy to form an advisory committee under the leadership of UBC Professor Sally Thorne. Among the twelve members is her UBC Nursing colleague, Dr. Colleen Varcoe. The academy, which has welcomed 460 members since being established late last year, will look to the advisory committee to help build the structure of the academy and to "develop a rigorous and prestigious Fellowship program."

The Canadian Nurses Association had always intended to make this announcement during the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife. However, circumstances have placed this timely announcement against the backdrop of a pandemic. Now is the time when nurses show their mettle, underscoring their capacity to brave the challenges; recognize the needs; voice their solutions; and lead the leaders. The School of Nursing at UBC could not be prouder, at such a time as this, to have two such inspirational examples from our teaching and research corps among those who will guide the next nursing leaders into the new decade, and beyond.