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Apocalypse Made Easy!

12 Sep 2017

The Movember Foundation Announces APOCALYPSE MADE EASY! as a Final Project in the Social Innovators Challenge

On September 1st, the Movember Foundation announced Apocalypse Made Easy! as one of 13 projects to receive pilot funding as part of the Social Innovators Challenge, a $5.6M AUD phased multi-year investment in men’s mental health projects aimed at strengthening social connections for boys and men across Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The goal of the initiative is to increase understanding about what works for helping men form strong, lasting and meaningful relationships which are needed for when things get tough.

The Challenge was initiated in 2015 when the Movember Foundation called for innovative, outside-the-box ideas that could lead to game-changing products or services to increase the quantity and quality of men’s relationships, thereby strengthening their sense of belonging to improve mental wellbeing. Proposals were reviewed by a third-party panel of subject matter experts, which included representation from participating countries and the United States.

“We know that in their 30s, men tend to start letting go of key relationships,” says Craig Martin, Global Director, Mental Health & Suicide Prevention, The Movember Foundation. “This is having a far-reaching and very negative impact because social relationships are a key protective factor for men against anxiety, depression and potentially suicide. We need to tackle this issue, and fresh ideas are needed because the status quo isn’t working for men. We’re excited to launch these projects that will build the critical evidence we need in this area.”

The projects, which begin this month, aim to reach men through a number of contexts including sport, food and gaming. The programs will run for two years to build evidence around what works for men.

Apocalypse Made Easy! was selected for its work in team-based, self-directed, and accessible survival training. It is being developed by and for men working in IT – a field prone to burnout and social isolation. Apocalypse Made Easy! is supported by Men’s Health Research (, which is based at the University of British Columbia’s School of Nursing and led by men’s health expert Dr. John Oliffe.

“The myth of the lone wolf, the sole survivor – that’s what we’re trying to dispel. Our project not only allows teams to work together to survive, it requires it. In getting teams to prepare for the worst, we’re hoping it will bring out their best. And that closer bonds will form because of it,” said Andrew Munroe, Project Manager, Apocalypse Made Easy!

Apocalypse Made Easy! looks forward to working with the Movember Foundation during this process to help men and boys live happier, healthier, longer lives.

For more information and a video on the Social Innovators Challenge visit the Movember website.


Apocalypse Made Easy! is a narrative-driven, team-based, and accessible survival training program. It’s split into four scenarios, each of which focuses on a different skill. Scenarios are self-directed and take about an hour to complete. Essentially they are interactive and hands-on walking tours that require making use of your environment, teamwork, and the items in your supplied survival kit to complete.

So while the program is like a game, we aim to introduce participants to real survival skills, concepts, and disaster planning practices specific to the city of Vancouver.

It will be launching in the Spring/Summer of 2018, with scenarios located at UBC, Pacific Spirit Park, Stanley Park, and The Southeast False Creek Seawall.

It is being developed at Men’s Health Research at the UBC School of Nursing, with funding from the Movember Foundation’s Social Innovators Challenge.

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