Emily Jenkins MSFHR 2019

18 Jul 2019

On July 17th, 2019, the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research named Dr. Emily Jenkins among “58 outstanding BC researchers” who will receive MSFHR Scholar and Research Trainee awards for 2019.

“Our focus at MSFHR is talent development – supporting the recruitment, retention, and development of the research talent BC needs to support the health of British Columbians, an effective health system, and the province’s knowledge economy,” says Dr. Bev Holmes, MSFHR president and CEO. “Through these awards, we are providing the resources early career researchers need to establish themselves and begin the work that will improve BC health care for decades to come.”

Dr. Jenkins is one of the 20 researchers to receive a Scholar award to support her role as principal investigator on research entitled: Promoting Mental Health and Addressing Substance Use in Canadian Youth Through Collaborative Research and Intervention.

Read an abstract on this research on the MSFHR website:


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