Space Available in Elective Courses for Term 2

18 Jun 2018

Open for Registration until January 13, 2019

The UBC Vancouver Senate has recently voted in favour of approving three elective courses available to all UBC students:

NURS 180 Registration Stress & Strategies to Promote Wellbeing POSTER
NURS 280 Registration Human Sexual Health POSTER
NURS 290 Registration Health Impacts of Climate Change POSTER (Available for registration in 2019 Summer, Term 2)

NURS 180 & NURS 280 are both being offered inTerm 2, and NURS 290 will be offered in 2019 Summer Term 2. All courses are open for registration, have no prerequisite courses or year level requirements, and unpublished waitlist sections exist to accommodate additional students if required. See attached PDF posters for each course. We encourage all students to participate where a good fit exists between these courses and your academic success at UBC.

Any questions about registration can be directed to