Sally is presented award at CNA biennial meeting

Jeanne Mance Award presented to Sally Thorne

19 Jun 2018

The Canadian Nurses Association’s prestigious Jeanne Mance Award is conferred this year on Dr. Sally Thorne. The award takes into consideration three specific areas of accomplishment: significant and innovative contributions to the health care of Canadians; significant contributions to the status and public recognition of the nursing profession; and significant and sustained contributions to nursing practice in Canada. Our colleague has certainly fulfilled these considerations, and we heartily congratulate her for this recognition.

Dr. Thorne has served two terms as Director of the School of Nursing and is currently a professor in the School and the Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs in the Faculty of Applied Science. Through her leadership roles, Dr. Thorne was instrumental in bringing Nurse Practitioner programs to British Columbia. Under her leadership, the Nurse Practitioner program was initiated at UBC and simultaneously in two other BC Universities. Her work in chronic illness has initiated numerous programs of research with multiple grants to study the phenomenon of chronic illness. She has lectured and published extensively in the field with over thirty articles, books and commentaries specifically on chronic illness. As importantly, she has supervised and inspired many students and colleagues to extend research in this area. One aspect of Dr. Thorne’s program of research on chronic illness has been explicit attention to cancer care. Through research, leadership, education, community engagement, and advocacy, Dr. Thorne has effectively improved health care for people with cancer.

Dr. Thorne is internationally known for her work in the advancement of nursing theory and research, which has involved an extensive body of theoretical writing on the ideas that affect nursing, many of which are now standard reading in philosophy of science graduate programs across Canada and internationally. Another clear example of her intellectual leadership within the discipline is her development of an approach to qualitative research called Interpretive Description. Her book on the approach, Interpretive Description: Qualitative Research for Applied Practice was first published in 2008, with a second edition in 2016. The approach is one of the few truly unique nursing contributions to research methodology.

Dr. Thorne does not simply fulfill a role – she takes any role to a new level. As the Director of the School of Nursing, she worked diligently with a range of local, provincial, national, and international organizations to promote nursing and enhance the profession. She has served tirelessly in multiple offices in UBC’s Senate including as a Senator for eight 3-year terms and has worked on over ten different senate committees. She has also served repeatedly in various roles within the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing, including as a member of the National Council for eight years. She served as the Registered Nurses Association of BC’s representative to the Board of Trustees of the BC Cancer Agency from 1994-2001, including serving for two years as the Board Chair. She has also served as a Board member of the BC Cancer Foundation, as a member of Health Canada’s Advisory Committee on Complementary and Alternative Health Care and was a member of the Board of Directors of the newly formed Canadian Partnership Against Cancer. More recently, she has worked closely with the BC Cancer Agency to conduct a formal review of nursing service.

Her national and international contributions to leadership and administration are too numerous to detail fully, but one of her major contributions was her election in 2005 to the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences (CAHS), where she has demonstrated at the national level, the intellectual leadership nursing science can bring to health science policy discussions. In every role she takes on, she works tirelessly for nurses and the reputation of the nursing profession.

The Jeanne Mance Award is a lifetime achievement award, but make no mistake, there is more to come. Surely, no other nurse in Canada is more worthy of this recognition than Dr. Sally Thorne. We are so very proud of her!

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