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street at night
09 May 2017

A Content Analysis Research

Victoria Bungay, John Oliffe, and their team, have published A Content Analysis of Health and Safety Communications Among Internet-Based Sex Work Advertisements: Important Information for Public Health in the Journal of Medical Internet Research.

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03 Mar 2017

SPACES Study news stories

Vicky Bungay and her research team, in addition to releasing the latest SPACES study earlier this year, have initiated their data-gathering platform, Street-to-Screen, to determine how sex workers and their clients communicate with one another.

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Male Body Image
21 Feb 2017

Men Trade Health for "perfect" body

Men are sacrificing their health to achieve the perfect body

Men and boys are under increased pressure to be fit, muscular, and manly. Over the last 20 years this message has been perpetuated in advertising and media to convince men that this is the only desirable body type.

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