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Colleen Varcoe
02 Oct 2017

Why some populations are wary of health professionals

Dr Colleen Varcoe explains why some populations are distrustful of health professionals and often wait until a problem becomes unbearable. Her research team suggests that changing practice, de-stygmatizing patients, could ease the burden on emergency rooms, increase preventative health care, and save money.

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street at night
09 May 2017

A Content Analysis Research

Victoria Bungay, John Oliffe, and their team, have published A Content Analysis of Health and Safety Communications Among Internet-Based Sex Work Advertisements: Important Information for Public Health in the Journal of Medical Internet Research.

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03 Mar 2017

SPACES Study news stories

Vicky Bungay and her research team, in addition to releasing the latest SPACES study earlier this year, have initiated their data-gathering platform, Street-to-Screen, to determine how sex workers and their clients communicate with one another.

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