Lydia Wytenbroek, BSN, MA, PhD

Assistant Professor

Dr. Wytenbroek is a social historian of twentieth-century health care, with a particular interest in understanding and interpreting the historical forces that have shaped the nursing profession and practice. She draws on historical research, sociology, feminist studies and social justice to explore the history of health care and nursing through the lens of race, gender, religion and politics. Her current book project, American (Inter)Nationalism in Iran, examines American mission nurses in Iran and their efforts to cultivate international nursing standards in the country. She is also writing about whiteness and Canadian nursing, nursing voice and social justice, and the history of perioperative nursing in Canada and the United States. She is a member of the Consortium for Nursing History Inquiry at UBC.


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Wytenbroek, L. (2019). American mission nursing in Iran, 1907-1947. Windows in Time 27(1), 7-9.


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