Diane Sawchuck, PhD, RN

Adjunct Professor

BC Women's and Children's Hospital
Perinatal Health Program
Perinatal Nurse Consulltant
E410 - 4480 Oak St.
Vancouver, BC
Canada V6H 3V4


Selected Publications not Indexed in PubMed

von Dadelszen, P., Menzies, J., Gilgoff, S., Xie, F., Douglas, M. J., Sawchuck, D. & Magee, L. A.  (2007).  Evidence-based management for preeclampsia.  Frontiers in Bioscience, 12, 2876-2889.

Liston, R., Sawchuck, D. & Young, D.  (2007).  Fetal health surveillance:  Antepartum and intrapartum consensus guideline.  Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology Canada, 29(9), September, Supplement 4.

Sawchuck, D.  (2006).  Evaluation of Perinatal Clinical Practice Guidelines in British Columbia.  PhD Dissertation.  Vancouver, BC

Sawchuck, D., Sprague, A., & Trepanier, M.J.  (2002).  Fetal Health Surveillance in Labour.  Co-Editor.  British Columbia Reproductive Care Program, Vancovuer, BC

Sawchuck, D. J. & Pinder, K. L. (2000).  Perineometer for Domestic Use in Prevention of Urinary Incontinence.  International Patent.  (WO/1999/026699).  World Intellectual Property Organization, Geneva, Switerland