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Name Phone Position Email
Affleck, Frances 1-604-822-7459 Lecturer
Name Phone Position Email
Bailey, Elisabeth 604.822.7468 Assistant Professor of Teaching, Coordinator, Undergraduate Electives
Baumbusch, Jennifer 1-604-822-7496 Associate Professor, Program Director, MHLP-Seniors Care
Boschma, Geertje 1-604-822-7457 Professor, BSN Program Coordinator
Brown, Helen 1-604-822-7445 Associate Professor, BSN Coordinator (Term 1)
Browne, Annette 1-604-822-7558 Professor & Distinguished University Scholar | Associate Director, Graduate Programs
Bungay, Vicky 1-604-822-7933 Professor
Burrows, Marlene 1-604-822-7464 Lecturer
Name Phone Position Email
Campbell, Suzanne 1-604-822-7748 Associate Professor
Currie, Leanne M. 1-604-822-7485 Associate Professor
Name Phone Position Email
Dahinten, Susan Associate Professor, PhD Program Coordinator
Dhari, Ranjit 1-604-822-6433 Assistant Professor of Teaching, BSN Program Coordinator (Term 4/5), Clinical Practice Co-Lead
Dick, Tania Indigenous Nursing Lead
Name Phone Position Email
Foster, Sue 604.827.2805 Lecturer
Name Phone Position Email
Garrett, Bernie 1-604-822-7443 Associate Professor; Associate Director, Infrastructure and Technology
Name Phone Position Email
Haase, Kristen Assistant Professor
Hall, Wendy Professor Emeritus
Harding, Jillian 1-604-827-1348 Lecturer
Havaei, Farinaz (Naz) 604-827-4732 Assistant Professor
Hirani, Saima Assistant Professor
Howard, A. Fuchsia 1-604-822-4372 Associate Professor
Hung, Lillian 778.870.2839 Assistant Professor
Name Phone Position Email
Jackson, Cathryn 1-604-822-7432 Associate Professor of Teaching, Clinical Skills and Simulation Lab Coordinator
Jenkins, Emily 1-604-822-4980 Associate Professor
Name Phone Position Email
Krist, Jennifer 1-604-822-7063 Lecturer
Name Phone Position Email
Lambert, Leah 1-604-829-7717 Clinical Assistant Professor, Executive Director and Senior Scientist, Nursing and Allied Research and Knowledge Translation
Lauck, Sandra 604-822-0727 Clinical Associate Professor
Name Phone Position Email
Mackay, Martha 1-604-682-2344 x63127 Clinical Associate Professor
MacPhee, Maura 1-604-822-2891 Professor and MSN Program Coordinator
Mahy, Jill 1-778-953-1234 Lecturer
Mann, Debbie 1-604-827-2810 Lecturer
McBurney, Sheila 1-604-822-0359 Lecturer
McCuaig, Fairleth 1-604-822-0318 Assistant Professor of Teaching, NP Program Coordinator
Moss, Margaret Associate Professor
Name Phone Position Email
Ojukwu, Emmanuela Assistant Professor
Oliffe, John 1-604-822-7638 Professor
Name Phone Position Email
Phinney, Alison 1-604-822-7484 Professor
Name Phone Position Email
Radu, Raluca Lecturer
Ranger, Manon 604.827.1382 Assistant Professor
Rooney, Shannon Lecturer
Name Phone Position Email
Saewyc, Elizabeth 1-604-822-7747 Professor & Distinguished University Scholar, Director, School of Nursing
Segaric, Cheryl 1-604-822-7479 Assistant Professor of Teaching and Program Director, MHLP-Clinical Education
Name Phone Position Email
Tan, Elsie 1-604-822-7481 Professor of Teaching; Associate Director, Undergraduate Programs
Taverner, Tarnia 604.341.7363 Clinical Associate Professor
Thorne, Sally 1-604-822-7482 Professor
Thumath, Meaghan Anne Clinical Assistant Professor
Tipping, Julie Lecturer
Name Phone Position Email
Varcoe, Colleen 1-604-827-3121 Professor and Associate Director, Faculty Development
Name Phone Position Email
Waddington, Chandra Lecturer
Wong, Sabrina 1-604-827-5584 Professor; Associate Director, Research
Wytenbroek, Lydia Assistant Professor