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Name Phone Position Email
Abdulai, Abdul-Fatawu Assistant Professor
Adhami, Nassim 1-604-827-2351 Lecturer, Coordinator, Undergraduate Electives
Affleck, Frances 604-827-2804 Lecturer
Name Phone Position Email
Bailey, Elisabeth 604.822.7468 Assistant Professor of Teaching
Baumbusch, Jennifer 1-604-822-7496 Professor
Bontinen, Kymberley 1-604-827-6467 Lecturer, Simulation Program Coordinator
Boschma, Geertje 1-604-822-7457 Professor and Associate Director, Undergraduate Programs
Brown, Helen 1-604-822-7445 Associate Professor, BSN Coordinator (Term 1)
Browne, Annette 1-604-822-7558 Professor & Distinguished University Scholar | Associate Director, Graduate Programs
Bungay, Vicky 1-604-822-7933 Professor; Associate Director, Research
Burrows, Marlene 1-604-822-7464 Lecturer
Name Phone Position Email
Campbell, Suzanne 1-604-822-7748 Professor
Clark, Drew Assistant Professor
Currie, Leanne M. 1-604-822-7485 Associate Professor
Name Phone Position Email
Dahinten, Susan Associate Professor, PhD Program Coordinator
Dev, Rubee Assistant Professor
Dhari, Ranjit 1-604-822-6433 Assistant Professor of Teaching
Dick, Tania Indigenous Nursing Lead
Name Phone Position Email
Ferreira, Carla 1-604-822-0727 Associate Professor of Teaching
Foster, Sue 604.827.2805 Lecturer
Name Phone Position Email
Garrett, Bernie 1-604-822-7443 Associate Professor; Associate Director, Infrastructure and Technology
Guo, Su-Er Visiting Faculty Member
Name Phone Position Email
Haase, Kristen Assistant Professor
Hall, Wendy Professor Emeritus
Harding, Jillian 1-604-827-1348 Lecturer
Havaei, Farinaz (Naz) 604-827-4732 Assistant Professor
Hirani, Saima Assistant Professor
Howard, A. Fuchsia 1-604-822-4372 Associate Professor
Hung, Lillian 778.870.2839 Assistant Professor
Name Phone Position Email
Jackson, Cathryn 1-604-822-7432 Associate Professor of Teaching, Clinical Skills and Simulation Lab Coordinator
Jenkins, Emily 1-604-822-4980 Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Socioecological Approaches to Mental Health and Substance Use
Name Phone Position Email
Krist, Jennifer 1-604-822-7063 Lecturer
Name Phone Position Email
Lauck, Sandra Clinical Associate Professor
Name Phone Position Email
Mackay, Martha 1-604-682-2344 x63127 Clinical Associate Professor
MacPhee, Maura 1-604-822-2891 Professor and MSN Program Coordinator
Mahy, Jill 1-778-953-1234 Lecturer
Mann, Debbie 1-604-827-2810 Lecturer
McBurney, Sheila 1-604-822-0359 Lecturer and Undergraduate Program Coordinator
McCuaig, Fairleth 1-604-822-0318 Assistant Professor of Teaching, NP Program Coordinator
Moss, Margaret Professor and Director, First Nations House of Learning
Name Phone Position Email
Ojukwu, Emmanuela Assistant Professor
Oliffe, John 1-604-822-7638 Professor
Name Phone Position Email
Phinney, Alison 1-604-822-7484 Professor and Associate Director, Faculty Development
Name Phone Position Email
Radu, Raluca Lecturer
Ranger, Manon 604.827.1382 Assistant Professor
Ratner, Pamela Professor (Tenure)
Rooney, Shannon Lecturer
Name Phone Position Email
Saewyc, Elizabeth 1-604-822-7747 Professor & Distinguished University Scholar, Director, School of Nursing
Scott, Ashley 1-604-822-7481 Associate Professor of Teaching
Segaric, Cheryl 1-604-822-7479 Assistant Professor of Teaching and Director, MHLP Programs
Seo, Minjeong Visiting Faculty Member
Name Phone Position Email
Taverner, Tarnia 604.341.7363 Clinical Associate Professor
Thorne, Sally 1-604-822-7482 Professor
Thumath, Meaghan Anne 1.604.675.3878 Clinical Assistant Professor
Tipping, Julie Lecturer
Name Phone Position Email
Waddington, Chandra Lecturer
Wong, Sabrina 1-604-827-5584 Professor
Wytenbroek, Lydia Assistant Professor