Leah Shapera, MSN , RN, IIWCC, GNC(C)

Adjunct Professor

Providence Health Care
St. Paul’s Hospital
Clinical Nurse Specialist - Wound and Skin Care
1081 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC
Canada V6Z 1Y6


Selected Publications not Indexed in PubMed

Orsted, H. L., Searles, G., Trowell, H., Shapera, L., Miller, P., and Rahman, J.  (2006).  Best practice recommendations for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diabetic foot ulcers:  Update 2006.  Wound Care Canada, 4(1), 57-71.

Reimer Kirkham, S., Smye, V., Tang, S., Anderson, J., Blue, C., Browne, A., Coles, R., Dyck, I., Henderson, A., Lynam, M.J., Perry, J., Semeniuk, P. & Shapera, L.  (2002).  Rethinking cultural safety while waiting to do fieldwork:  Methodological implications for nursing research.  Research in Nursing & Health, 25(3), 222-232.

Shapera, L.  (1989).  Risk management of the elderly client:  A professional decision-making process.  In Proceedings of the Annual Meeting and Conference of Western Regional CAUSN, February 22-24, 1989, 35-40.